Volume Profile and Market Profile TPO (Time Price Opportunity)

The Volume by Price Indicator for MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms features Volume Profile and Market Profile TPO (Time Price Opportunity).

Volume and TPO histogram bar and line charts. Volume Footprint charts. TPO letter and block marker collapsed and split structure charts. Static, dynamic and flexible range segmentation and compositing methods with relative and absolute visualizations. Session hours filtering and segment concatenation with Market Watch and custom user specifications. Graphical layering, positioning and styling options to suit the user's analytic and aesthetic needs.  show more

Volume Profile and Market Profile TPO Point of Control (VPOC and TPOC), Count, Balance, Imbalance, Value Area (VA) and High and Low Volume Nodes (HVN and LVN) with visualization and evaluation by multiple methods and a wide range of user-definable variables to apply with all disciplines and studies. Delta Volume Profile and Footprint charts with volume classification by price action or order type. Additionally includes Initial Balance (IB), Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP), and Volume by Time histogram and bubble charts to perform Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) and Volume Price Analysis (VPA).  show more

A suite of technical analysis data visualization tools to display the complex relations between volume, price and time in various easy to interpret forms. Data Source API for data connector extensions and user file feeds to have full control over the scope and type of data beyond native brokerage provisioning. Tick volume, trade volume or open interest. Includes Order Book Time and Sales (T&S) and Depth Of Market (DOM) cross-platform terminal compatible MetaTrader 5 extension for Order Flow Analysis. Data Environment API for extension and developer programmatic access to dimensions and metrics. Includes Traces, Events, Notifications and Reports extensions, and code sample resources for automated algorithmic trading strategies.

High-level chart setups with drag and drop support for the casual user, and further in-depth and segmented by using advanced user features. For a quick start browse example compositions and download chart templates. For details on configuration options and methods see documentation.

Purchase and rental via Market: Taxes and fees are calculated at checkout. License per platform for 10 device activations . To install open the MetaTrader platform, specify your account in the settings, go to Toolbox \ Market \ Purchased and click the 'Install' button. · Free demo limitations: Distribution with chart timeframe period price data. Range of 200 bars. Up to 5 segments. · Native data availability and scope: Demo or trade account brokerage provisioning. Contact your broker representative for details.