Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the product ("Volume by Price Indicator", "Volume by Price MT4" and "Volume by Price MT5") offers and services provided on this website ("volumebyprice.com").


The website offers certain services. These services may change at any time. Services may be withdrawn at any time, subject to six months prior notice issued as statement on the website. Services are not part of any product offer.


Best efforts are made to have the services available at all times but there are no guarantees.

Copyright and Usage

The product available via this website and external links to third-party service providers on this website is proprietary software developed by B. Collard. The product is offered as is for use on device- and user-based license terms.


Genuine product copies can only be obtained via external links to third-party service providers on this website. License terms and conditions of relevant third-party service provider product offers apply to use of the product. This includes but is not limited to payment processing, refunds and distribution. A free demo version of the product is available for testing.

No personal data

You shall not provide via this website any personal data (EU/GDPR) or personally identifiable information (USA) unless specifically required or requested beforehand. If you do, you shall fully indemnify the website's author(s) for all costs and damages associated with its processing and removal, including administrative fines and costs of secure deletion.

Limitation of liability

No liability is accepted for any damages caused in connection with the product offers and services under this agreement. This includes but is not limited to damages in the form of data loss, failure to operate, lost revenue or missed profits.

Law and venue

Any disputes in connection with this agreement are governed by Dutch law and must be brought before the courts of the Netherlands.

If you have questions you can contact via terms@volumebyprice.com.

updated 2022.04.15