How to Use Set Files

Step 1. Open a new chart or select an existing chart, and attach a new indicator instance:
menubar insert indicators custom volume by price
(The indicator properties window opens after attaching an indicator instance to a chart.)
Guide Image 1: How to Use Set Files
Guide Image 2: How to Use Set Files

Step 2. Load file, e.g., 'Market Profile TPO and Volume Point of Control.set', via the indicator properties window 'Inputs' tab.
To open the properties window of an instance already attached:
menubar charts indicators list edit volume by price

For example compositions with two indicator instances, e.g., 'Market-Profile-TPO-and-Volume-Profile-Histogram-Composite-Instance-1.set' and 'Market-Profile-TPO-and-Volume-Profile-Histogram-Composite-Instance-2.set', use the same chart and a new instance for each file.
Guide Image 3: How to Use Set Files
Guide Image 4: How to Use Set Files
Guide Image 5: How to Use Set Files

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