Volume Profile histogram. Drag and drop range selection. High resolution level size. Value Area (VA) indication on object. 0:27 Second identical instance. 0:33 Reset drag and drop range selection to window with keyboard shortcut 'R'. Histogram sizes relative to selected ranges. 0:45 Hide display of range selection line with keyboard shortcut 'G'.

Volume Profile Histogram Drag and Drop Chart Video Moment 1 - Volume Profile Histogram Drag and DropChart Video Moment 2 - Volume Profile Histogram Drag and Drop

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Purchases via MQL5.com: Taxes and fees are calculated at checkout. To install open the MetaTrader platform, specify your MQL5.com account in the settings, go to Toolbox \ Market \ Purchased and click the 'Install' button. · Free Demo limitations: Distribution with chart timeframe period price data. Range of 200 bars. Up to 5 segments. Drag & Drop, On-Chart Controls and Application Program Interfaces (APIs) not supported. · Data availability and scope: Demo or trade account brokerage provisioning. Contact your broker representative for details. Third party data feeds via the indicator's Data Source API might require intermediate data format conversion.